The VB-PCMX from Vemotion is an ultra-reliable rapid deployment camera, delivering high quality video over low bandwidth in an integrated wireless cctv or surveillance solution.

Designed for the ultimate rapid deployment wireless cctv solution, the VB-PCMX exemplifies Vemotion’s ‘plug & play’ philosophy. Insert any data SIM card (cellular version), add power and you are good to go. While perfect for fixed, permanent deployment, the Maxi Polecam is also ideal for those situations where rapid deployment is necessary.

Vemotion recognises that a rapid deployment solution needs to be up and running with minimal effort, and that is what the VB-PCMX delivers. Its single person setup, together with high level durability and rugged weather proof construction, means it can literally go anywhere. And, wherever it’s taken, it connects the moment it’s switched on.

The Maxi Polecam is 1080p and has a 30x Optical zoom, along with continuous 360-degree pan and day night capability. All the usual camera features (pan, zoom, tilt, etc.) can be controlled remotely via the Vemotion intelligent software or industry standard VMS platforms, both IP and Analogue.

It makes use of Vemotion’s optimised video compression and unique, low latency, V-TX transmission technology; technology which is fully encrypted and secure. This further differentiates the VB-PCMX within the marketplace, while delivering ease of use and rock-solid performance.

All Vemotion’s products are designed to be ‘plug & play’, to be highly reliable, and to put you in complete control of the bandwidth used. Also, they all work without the need for any specialist SIM cards or expensive airtime contracts, so keeping usage costs to a minimum

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